±1.03 AC, with 5 Existing Buildings

40-10 Cameron Street & 1025-1029 Market Street
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For Lease

Freestanding Building

Property Features

  • Assemblage of 5 lots, totaling 1.03 AC
  • Uses allowed by right include restaurants without drive-thru, convenience stores, banks, offices, schools, hospitals, hotel and residential hi-rise.
  • Convenience store with gasoline allowed by special exception

Property Details

  • Corner of S Cameron Street aka Route 230 (26,383 ADT), a primary arterial road at the intersection of Market Street, a secondary arterial (10,267 ADT)
  • Four way intersection, with traffic light
  • Public sewer and water
  • Taxes: $17,500± per year
  • Zoning: DC (Downtown Center, which has no Height limitation)


Anthony Curcio


Property Location

Freestanding Building

40-10 S Cameron Street & 1025-1029 Market Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101