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At Equity Retail Brokers, we put tenants’ interests first. And for that simple reason, many of the country’s top retailers, along with a wide array of regional operators, continue to trust our veteran retail brokers to help them discover and pursue commercial real estate opportunities across eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Our tenant representatives have a proven track record of catalyzing higher real estate performance, whether the task at hand is:

  • rolling out new stores in promising markets;
  • downsizing, enlarging or relocating existing locations; or
  • renegotiating leases to secure more favorable terms in alignment with a retailer’s broader real estate strategy.

For our tenant representatives, the first step in any client engagement is to cultivate a thorough understanding of the retailer’s business and goals. Our brokers do a deep dive into the client’s perspective on its customers, real estate criteria, competitors and preferred lease structures and co-tenants. They also work hard to understand the optimal real estate culture and process for any given client.

After listening carefully, our tenant representatives bring their own value to the table by highlighting opportunities to move the real estate strategy forward. With decades of experience and extensive contacts in commercial real estate, they understand the art and science of site-selection and lease-negotiation. That means gleaning insights from in-depth market research, anonymous cellphone data and other tech-centric resources, while also relying on knowledge born of their own direct experience in the markets we serve, right down to specific counties, townships and neighborhoods.

At Equity Retail Brokers, we view tenant representation as a long-term partnership. Our top priority is to provide all of our clients with the same high-touch, results-oriented service, whether you’re a regional clothing chain with just a few locations, or a coffee powerhouse with stores all over the planet.

The investment sales team at Equity Retail Brokers has the experience, resources and know-how to ensure that our clients receive the highest prices for their commercial real estate assets for sale—with the lowest transaction costs. Our motto: “Better Service, Better Rate, Better Results.”

In working with us, sellers of commercial real estate assets in eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey benefit from our investment sales team’s sharp focus on professionally marketing commercial real estate properties for sale—everything from ground and triple-net leases, to the gamut of retail, restaurant, c-store, office and medical properties and buildings.

We produce attractive, branded and complete offering memorandums, and give our clients access to our wide array of distribution resources. In addition to our investment sales professionals’ own extensive network of contacts, Equity Retail Brokers belongs to the Retail Brokers Network—more than 600 leading agents working together across the North America to connect buyers and sellers of commercial real estate assets.

Our deep bench of investment sales talent has a proven track record for bringing deals to a close. They are seasoned professionals who understand the cadence of managing transactions and have the problem-solving and people skills to maximize results for our clients. They are also cognizant of risk: With thousands of deals to their collective credit, our investment sales professionals understand the nuances involved in due diligence and are adept at ferreting out potential problems and risks with prospective buyers.

To ensure that our clients yield the highest net return on their assets, Equity Retail Brokers rejects the inefficiencies of the traditional brokerage model—one in which firms operate with untenable expenses and carry questionable inventory. This, in turn, allows us to establish the lowest-possible commission structure for each asset, based on criteria such as the quality of real estate and tenant; the term of the lease; overall demand for the asset and the cost to market it.

It’s a formula that allows us to close a higher percentage of transactions at a lower transaction cost to sellers. “Better Service, Better Rate, Better Results.”

Equity Retail Brokers is a recognized leader in commercial real estate leasing across eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. For decades, our firm has cultivated and strengthened network connections on both sides of the negotiating table—from developers, owners and investors, to a broad array of local, regional and national retail and restaurant operators.

What we offer:

  • Seasoned leasing agents
  • First-rate market knowledge
  • Strong industry relationships
  • Professional marketing materials and campaigns
  • Industry-leading marketing platforms
  • Professional reporting
  • Market-leading software and technology
  • Strategic planning and research capabilities
  • Cooperation with outside brokers

At any given time, Equity Retail Brokers’ commercial real estate listings highlight opportunities for tenants at dozens of shopping centers, mixed-use properties, freestanding retail buildings and pad and outparcel sites throughout the suburban and urban markets we serve.

Local landlords, as well as national REITs, routinely turn to our brokers for assistance with their merchandising strategies. Filling vacancies is just part of the picture. From our perspective, the goal should always be to craft a tenant mix that best serves the long-term success of both the property and the client.

Toward that end, we are passionate about maintaining in-depth market knowledge. Our brokers leverage both retail experience and analytics to guide owners and developers in making smart leasing decisions. We stay in touch with the retailers and tenant representation brokers that are most active, and monitor those that are at risk, all while closely tracking broader retail, real estate and economic trends.

From lunches with REIT executives, to water-cooler chats at the office, to participation in panel discussions, podcasts and YouTube channels focused on commercial real estate, Equity Retail Brokers is an integral part of the local, regional and national conversation about retail real estate.

Talented negotiators with years of cumulative experience, our brokers take a multifaceted approach to leasing. Our efforts range from working the phones to apprise our contacts of opportunities, to embracing powerful new digital tools that expand the reach and impact of our marketing efforts.

Equity Retail Brokers also plays an active role in the Retail Brokers Network—more than 600 leading retail specialists across North America who share market knowledge, refer business, and help each other provide best-in-class service.

The net effect: We act as a kind of “force multiplier” for our clients, empowering them to do more deals and achieve their business goals.

Space for Lease in Providence Town CenterEquity Retail Brokers manages your commercial real estate properties as if they were our own. The focus is on maximizing the performance, safety and attractiveness of the asset by ramping up efficiency on all fronts—from tenant rent-collection and communications, to vendor-management, to oversight and coordination of construction and renovation.

Our asset managers put a high priority on understanding the asset-specific goals and priorities of each client. They have broad experience in providing high-performance strategies to commercial real estate owners ranging from high-net-worth individuals to some of the country’s biggest retail REITs. With an unwavering focus on ramping up returns and growing asset value, Equity Retail Brokers carefully studies the prevailing dynamics at each property within the context of broader consumer and commercial real estate trends. We understand that proactive asset-management is critical to the present performance and future value of every commercial real estate asset.

Our asset managers put a high priority on optimizing how shoppers actually experience the property. They carefully tailor their strategies based on the lifestyle of the commercial real estate property as well as the broader business cycle. The goal is to make your asset a destination while enhancing opportunities for strong financial growth moving forward.

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